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Where it began:

Growing up in a family of entrepreneurial parents, it was written in the stars that one day it would be my turn to become one as well. I’ve always had an eye for fashion and working in the finance field meant that I took great care to look the part too. My passion for men’s attire includes everything from head to toe - suits, ties, shoes, belts and everything in between. Having had belts in the past that have fallen apart over time due to poor quality, I was in search of a belt that wouldn’t be another throwaway. After being disappointed in the small selection of quality leather products that were offered at a reasonable price, I decided to “DIY” and started my own handcrafted leather company from the ground up. I started with extensive research on the web and then followed the footsteps of reputable leather artisans. In January of 2016, I successfully crafted my first belt, which I still proudly wear to this day. Close friends took notice of my workmanship and started to ask for belt commissions. Word of mouth eventually led to taking orders from people outside my social network. With the influx of requests and my growing desire to perfecting my craft, I soon expanded my line of products.

What started as a weekend hobby making belts, has turned into an addiction for the pursuit of perfection.

Not much later, the idea of growing beyond the local market of Montreal became realistic. Peather.co launched in August, 2016 and now we are proudly making fine leather products that are available for everyone.

We only source the highest quality of leather and each product is handcrafted and tested carefully. We ensure durability of the leather by maneuvering it and putting it through wear and tear testing trials. Each product is also stretched so that the thickness (the “grain”) of the leather can be checked. Nothing less than perfect gets sent to our customers.

Peather - leather belt shop

Our brand today:

Peather was created for those who enjoy care and quality in the little things in life. Our mission is to sell exceptional leather products and customer satisfaction is our top priority. We believe that every detail in the process counts – from the brass accessories to the packaging. At Peather, we want our customers to be excited from the moment an order is placed, to 10 years in the future, when the leather has developed a beautiful patina.

Peather came from the humble beginnings of a 200 square feet basement in Montreal, Canada. We’ve grown our reputation of handcrafted leather goods to something that we never thought could be attainable. We hope that our brand serves as an inspiration to everyone because, if ordinary Millennials from Canada with a passion for leather can be a success story, then so can anyone.