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Let’s talk leather.

If you are a leather aficionado (like I am) then you’ve probably heard of the Horween Leather Company. It is one of the oldest tanneries in North America, which is a facility where hide is processed in order to produce leather. Since 1905, Horween has been renowned for their high quality leather. They produce the legendary Chromeexcel leather, which is a labour of love that consists of 89 processes and 28 days of work (if you want to read more about Chromeexcel, read Horween’s step-by-step blog here). Their Genuine Shell Cordovan is the quintessence of high quality leather – it is used to create luxurious and beautiful shoes, bags, wallets, leather phone covers, and other leather goods. As a testament to their leather’s durability, quality and high performance, Horween also develops leather that is used to make footballs and baseball gloves. The leather they make is truly versatile and it showed me how high quality leather can be transformed into a wide array of products.

I first heard about the Horween Leather Company when I was starting my foray into leather goods.  As my passion for leather grew, so did my curiosity about Horween. After learning about their history and dedication to doing leather “properly”, I was convinced that I had to visit the tannery. I was dedicated to sourcing the best quality leather for my leather goods. One day, I reached out to the company and booked an appointment for a tour of the facilities. In what felt like no time at all, I had bought my flight ticket, hopped on a plane, and was flying 1,400 km to visit a tannery!

I was given a tour of the facility and one of the things that I’ll always remember vividly is the smell. It was poignant and overwhelming at first: imagine the smell of a leather product but amplify that by about 100 times. Then you’ll be close to what the inside of the tannery smells like. I was met with the rich and earthy scent of leather at every step of the tour. But it was also exhilarating because I was smelling leather in its rawest form and it evoked a sense of regality – I was in the one and only tannery in the United States that produced shell cordovan.

I had high expectations before entering the tannery and they were exactly what I expected. I was thrilled that their high quality leather was everything I expected and more. From that point on, I decided to order my leather from the Horween Leather Company. To this day, I still use their Dublin leather to make my passport wallets and cardholder products. In September 2017, I started to test out their Genuine Shell Cordovan and I am really excited to showcase the new leather products once they are finished.

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